Amongst the thousands of different methods we can use to generate website hits, there are always some often forgotten website traffic tips that should definitely be remembered. I have been thinking about ways to gain website traffic for years now and it has become an automatic routine for me. This post can be used as a simple reminder for both me and you.

This is only scratching the surface as I am sure there will be many more forgotten website traffic tips.

<strong>#1.  Be consistent with great content</strong>

I know that providing great content on a consistent basis is an extremely hard job but it is extremely necessary in order to succeed.  Killer content is the be all and end all of blogging. You either have it or you don’t. Let’s just say that if you have great content this will generate traffic on autopilot. If you build it, they will come.

<strong>#2.  Don’t be agreeable</strong>

Be an individual and people will be drawn to you. Do not just be one of the sheep that just says and does things to please people. This is simply boring and its getting old. Even on the internet people can see straight through this act.

<strong>#3.  Write killer post titles</strong>

Your post titles are very important…Think about it.. What is the first thing that people see? Even when you leave a comment on a blog and include a Commentluv link the blog title is left there to temp a click.

<strong>#4.  Set Goals for traffic – Website traffic tips</strong>

Commit yourself to traffic generation tasks on a regular basis and stick to it! I have a daily task sheet that helps me stay on track.


<strong>#5.  Publish as often as possible</strong>

If you publish 2 posts a week and another blog posts 5, who do you think will get more traffic? From my experience it is the blog that publishes more posts. Of course there is the other side of the coin when the posts just flow through too quick. That is no good for anyone. I always try to avoid guest posting on blogs that let their posts run through too fast. This reduces the traffic for each post.

<strong>#6.  Make your blog hip and groovy</strong>

Make your blog the place to go for all the great information. Work your butt off to get the golden nuggets and share them with your audience. That will get them talking and there is nothing better than “word of mouth”. Choose effective keywords you can use for your content and rack your brains for unique ideas that will give you the WOW factor!

<strong>#7.  Start a rumor</strong>

I wouldn’t do this one but I notice that some serial attention seekers use this more than they should. Gossip is interesting to the masses and often they like to see for themselves by visiting your blog. What controversial rumor can you come up with?

<strong>#8.  Get some big names to comment</strong>

Comments on your blog stick around forever. Imagine if you had Darren Rowse or Yaro Starak to comment on your blog. People would return because they think you are popular.

<strong>#9.  Make yourself look popular</strong>

This one works well. Win contests, guest post, and just get seen. Have you noticed that I am everywhere you go? Well not everywhere but I am in many places? Hmm now you know my secret I will have to kill you..

<strong>#10.  Perfect your comments</strong>

Many people are wasting their time commenting because they actually say nothing at all. Share your real opinion and create some controversy as this will spark some interest. It is also good to use your own name as you would have a better chance of getting your comment approved. (hint hint)

In the beginning all newbies act like spammers because they do not know how to comment.

<strong>#11.  Network outside your circles</strong>

Webmasters often stick within their circles, commenting on the same blogs, guest posting in the same areas, and even linking within this network. Expanding to different neighborhoods can bring you new targeted visitors that you probably would not find if you just stayed in your circle. Get out and mingle outside your comfort zone.

<strong>#12.  Follow my 5 – 1 rule</strong>

Every time you publish a new blog post, promote your bog 5 times. Talk about your post, link back to your post, guest post about your post.. The 5 to 1 rule will be a magic traffic wand.

<strong>#13.  Venture offline</strong>

Contact your local radio station and share your expertise. Ask the local newspaper if they would like a regular article. If not then send your views into “letters to the editor” or sections like that..

Also offer to give a free class on your chosen subject at the local community hall. You will be amazed at the response you receive.

<strong>#14.  Giveaway viral gifts</strong>

We all know this one. Create a product and give it away as a viral marketing campaign.. But why not give the viral product away to new webmasters who have nothing to give away? Sure they do not have that many subscribers but it all adds up..

<strong>#15.  Use references</strong>

If possible link out to other blogs that can enhance your blog post. It is also nice to mention where you get an idea from or who you are quoting. This can get you website visitors, backlinks when the webmaster returns the favor, or even trackbacks.

<strong>#16.  Design a 125×125 ad</strong>

Hey you can afford $35 a month can’t you? That’s like one affiliate sale! This is how much the average 125×125 ad can cost. Of course the prices vary according to the popularity of the blog, but most people don’t do this.. Ads are not just for affiliates and Adsense.

You can make a groovy ad for your own blog.

<strong>#17.  Reply to your comments</strong>

This can become almost impossible but it just has to be done. I am swamped with comments on four websites and I really have to weigh up my priorities, however answering comments is a great traffic generation method..Think about it..

I have the replyme plugin installed so when I reply to people they get an email letting them know… This in turn brings them back to possibly comment again. This is a lot like sending an email to your list and getting return traffic..

<strong>#18.  SEO on old posts</strong>

Performing Search engine optimization on old posts can bring you loads of traffic. Imagine if you left the post there getting old and useless. No one would want to read it. If you update and SEO an old post you can grab more traffic, probably website traffic that was yours to grab anyway. Here is a video on how I do SEO on an old post. WARNING: The video is long and boring.

<strong>#19.  Post a mix up of your best posts</strong>

Bringing your old posts to the frontline can remind people of the goodies that your blog is hiding. Maybe you have some golden content stashed in your archives that might be shared and linked to..You might think it is old but others might appreciate it. <a title=”SEO an Old Post on your Website ” href=”;v=9leTf2jSx74#at=11″ target=”_blank”>Learn More.</a>

<strong>#20.  Teach the basics</strong>

I see a lot of webmasters teaching difficult and hard to understand tutorials. This is great but what a about the basics?

Webmasters that have been around too long in their chosen profession forget the basics and can’t explain them any longer.. It’s like talking to a computer tech who speaks tech language.

There is a big demand for knowledge and it is mostly about getting a basic education.
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